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  Morten Drejer about KEK  

Storyville Records &  Jazzmedia  were present  with a stand (on 1st floor), and according to the advertisement in the program the following SPECIAL OFFER was available during the conference:

  1. Duke Ellington – day by day and film by film by Dr. Klaus Stratemann
  2. Duke Ellington Discography, 1942-74 by Ole J. Nielsen
  Morten Drejer  (11/11-1937)

View from restaurant Ålekroen, Silkeborg. June, The old paddle steamer Hjejlen  in the background. 1997.

Karl Emil gave a good lunch at restaurant Ålekroen, Silkeborg. June, 1997.

Behind the stand at the Duke Ellington Conference I saw Karl Emil for the first time and also his secretary Mona Granager. According to my memory I bought some CD’s and  specially I remember the purchase of  the discographies: “Jazz Records 1942-80” edited by Erik Raben. In fact, I was very fond of the discographies, which gave me all data concerning  the recorded sound.

  “As time goes by”
  As a friend of Karl Emil and a member of the Karl Emil Knudsen Society I feel prompted to tell other jazz fans how I became acquainted with him.
  Karl Emil at  the Ellington Conference in Leeds, 1997  
  Frits Schjøtt -  Karl Emil -  Morten -  Leeds, 1997.  
  It all started in 1992 when I joined the 10th  annual and international Duke Ellington Conference which for the first time was arranged on the European  continent , that is at  SAS Falconer Center in Copenhagen.  

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  My wife, Liss  and  Karl Emil at lake Borre, Silkeborg.   Karl Emil -  Liss -  Frits Schjøtt at the Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg. June, 1997.

Those discographies led to a closer relationship with Storyville Records and of course Karl Emil Knudsen. As a matter of fact I grabbed the phone and called Storyville one year later and told them, that I was impatiently waiting for the next volume of “Jazz Records”. A week later production- and sales manager Allan Stephensen called me and asked, if I would be interested in helping them bringing all data to a computerised form. I accepted and thus became a “member of the Storyville Family”. 

    Liss -   Frits Schjøtt -  Karl Emil at the Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg. June, 1997.

Liss and Karl Emil  at the Riverboat Jazz Festival in  Silkeborg. June, 1997.

  Breakfast on the terrace in our house in Silkeborg, ’97.  
  Karl Emil enjoys his ice cream in  Silkeborg, 1997    

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  Liss - Morten - Karl Emil at the Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg.  June, 1997.   Breakfast in  the small kitchen in his home on  Dortheavej 39, Copenhagen. July, 2003.

The old grammophone downstairs at Dortheavej. July, 2003.

He also told me, that he wasn’t very social, but sometimes, specially when my wife also was invited, he liked to have the table in his office set and we had a nice dinner there.

Otherwise the meals were taken in his very small kitchen. In May, 1997, we both attended the Duke Ellington Conference in Leeds and a month later he came to visit us in our house in Silkeborg. At that time (June,1997) it was summer and the Riverboat Festival was in full swing. As you can see from the pictures, I think he enjoyed it!

He was, in many ways, an exceptional man – all honour to his memory!

  A little tired – after the Riverboat Jazz Festival, 1997.  
  Karl Emil was very hospitable. As a jazz fan, I enjoyed participating every year in the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and I was always welcome to stay in his home. He once told me: “We are friends and as long as I live here you are always welcome”.  

14th  June, 2007.   Morten Drejer